Thursday, September 1, 2011

Week Three

Our third week at Shree Lukla School and the school routine returned to normal. It is lovely to be present for the morning assembly; all students, including the very young Nursery, lined up in Class and number order on the playground ready to sing, exercise (to music!) and then march off to lessons in the most perfectly organized fashion. We couldn’t believe our eyes on day one, a very different experience to that we have seen in English Primary schools.

Morning Assembly

We began to get more involved with lessons, being present for the first of Nima’s computing classes was extremely rewarding. The children were so excited to be back in the computer room and we were very happy that all computers made it through the day without powercuts!  Class 6 and 7 enjoyed creating their own Microsoft Word document and enjoyed changing fonts, colours and using pictures. Next week we hope to take a few classes with Nima and introduce the students to using PowerPoint. We were amazed by the computer theory knowledge of Class 4 students – having taken theory classes without using the computers before they picked up typing and using punctuation very fast.

Emma assists students on the computers

There has also been the continuation of our initial projects, which are mostly complete.  Our next task is to introduce the resources to teachers and demonstrate how they may be useful in class. Following a “Skype date” with Sarah we have new projects to be getting on with – watch this space for some interviews with Classroom in the Clouds sponsored teachers about their experiences.

After our day and a half weekend holiday (which involved an emergency mission to Namche to buy Emma some non-leaky boots!), on Sunday, with the weather getting dryer by the day we set to work painting the Library. Used to modern conveniences such as rollers, we went back to basics and learnt how to use a paint brush to paint an entire room! Although slower, it is very economical in terms of paint usage and we were surprised at how far a can went. We will be in our paint clothes for the next few days, planning to finish the library and then assess whether the computer suite is dry enough to paint.

This week we are also looking forward to having a new volunteer arriving in Lukla. We hope to be welcoming Colette on Thursday.

Emma and Guy undercoating the refurbished library (note the playground too!)

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